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Elven dragon anti-griefer and me

Sunday night I met up with Orchid and we had a nice time sitting around in a coffee house and then dancing at a deserted bar.  It was good to just be in a moo with a friend.  I've been looking at SL tutorials and spending time in isolated spaces practicing moving without running into things and trying out gestures. Last night I was in an isolated space and I turned a corner and saw a big old dragon reading a sign.   It said hi and I said hi back.  Then it said Oh sorry and turned into a hunk of an avatar with a shiny blade strapped to his thigh.  We chatted for a few minutes when I noticed that he wasn't making the SL typing motions with his hands when he chatted and I asked him about that.  He said it was animation override.  I said it's nice how do you get one?  He said, How much money do you have?  I said L$200 (gift from K) and he said maybe I can help.  So he teleported me to a place that sold animation overrides!  I am so klutzy but this guy/dragon/pirate was patient and became my official friend and gave me $L700  that I used to buy an animation override.  He reminded me of bookish in Postmodern Culture MOO and Lambda Moo. The set of overrides really smooths out the default jerky moves and gives me a LOT more virtutal poise. Amazing what virtual body language can do to real self image.  I still have to read the instructions and figure out the details such as turning it on and off when and where, but I'm much more elegant now. Even when I fall from flying I land in an strong and forceful martial arts pose.  Whoo!

I asked  about the quick changing avatar looks from an elven dragon to a dashing pirate and he did a performance in which he changed from a mini-woman, a fox, a cat, a space ball, a big transformer, a bigger transformer, and a huge transformer and a black combat avi (for avatar), He called them "avis". So sensing that I was in the presence of a warrior I asked him about battle on SL and he was very informative. He said he was an anti-griefer  http://www.secondlifeherald.com/slh/2005/10/antigriefer_pat.html

I asked what it was like to die in SL and he told me he didn't die very often any more, but the system just returned you home
from the battle field.  That's what the old MOOs did too.  I asked if I could watch a battle from a safe distance and he didn't think there
was a safe distance but agreed and he flew off leaving a trail of white lights.  I followed the lights but ran into a barrier and my computer froze.

Maybe this evening I'll go back and practice my overriding grace.

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