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SL art start

I created my first prim and made the default box into a flat panel and placed my jpg texture painting of a Dr. Sketchy model on one of the flat surfaces. Tommy Parrott provided good directions, plus I printed some how to build tutorials to follow. I submitted my prototype painting to Tommy, my vitural curator who said I did it correctly. In fact, he said, "perfect;_)" Pretty good compared to statements by other curators I have known. I am concerned a bit about the drawings' relative size to walls, to avatars, etc. Most of the Ginsberg Art Center paintings are pretty much 3/4 average avatar size. I'm thinking of making some of my drawings smaller and arranging a few in groups on the wall. Still a lot of avatar work to do. I think my SL show will look just fine on my RL CV. Today the sun came back out, so the next step is to shoot photos of more Dr. Sketchy drawings.
Tags: art, dr. sketchy, drawing, gallery, second life, virtual art

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