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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Sunny at Dr. Sketchy
pinhole camera
honoria starbuck life drawing

Fine Dr. Sketchy
model Sunny Lunch Lady
Inspired my best work

honoria starbuck life drawing on Naugahyde

Here are the first Naugahyde paintings rolling off the Naug.
Sharpie oil paint markers. The white seems to stay sticky.
I bought a bottle of Japan Drier to see if I can dry the whites.
Art supplies surprises.

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Don't mean to thread-jack, but thanks for finding this photo of me as a kid. Can you remember anything else about it? George didn't know who owned the camera - didn't recognize it.

1973 summer-Seth, the early years

Glad the storage thing worked out: we were galavanting around town all day, and didn't get home till late.

Sorry, I don't remember where that camera came from. I found several albums full of Ragnarokr era photos - mounted into black paper albums with white ink writing, however many of my photo album comments were more poetic and interpretive than informative. I gave them to George and want to show them to Phil for the Ragnarokr web site. I'm glad GMIII is scanning them.

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