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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Second Life Art Show
pinhole camera
honoria starbuck in Second Life Ginsberg Art Center with Dr. Sketchy drawings

Here's my artist avi in freebie pirate pants and parrot and Dr. Sketchy art.
Ginsberg Art Center - 6th floor

Please drop by and look.

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Tommy Parrot owner of the Ginsberg Gallery is a legend.....

He's been most kind and very well organized and supportive about the show. I'm very pleased to see it on the walls. I hope you will drop by the show. Where is your work in SL?

My work is at our own Meta Gallery, The Ginsberg, Symposium and starting from the first of the month we have a two month residency at the Griffin Galleries of Fine Art.

Is anyone intrested in starting a Second Life Art Group in LJ

I love importing my art into SL - not sure why. First my RL work is relatively small. In SL compared to the avis my drawing are huge...the shift in scale is exciting to me. Also I enjoy visiting the SL galleries and would like to have more interaction with other SL artists. I'm a member of the Visual Arts Alliance of SL and they send out lots of cool notices. I'm not going to start or be responsible for any SL org because I'm swamped with work and my mother is feeling poorly so I have to be on call and at work 24/7.

What is you avi's name? Do you want to be friends in order to share art info, although it's actually much easier to do so in LJ:-)

My avi name is Zero Ball

I have created and LJ group called Sl Art and Artists

Cool I will join. I just found out that there is a sandbox for artists on top of the Grand Gallery of the Ginsberg Art Ctr. Maybe see you there.

I did a search for you but didn't find you.

You can find me in SL under the name Zero Ball....what is your avi name?

Honoria Raymaker is my avi name. I searched under people for Zero Ball with no luck. If you find me first we can be reciprocal friends.

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