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Very good work in SL

Check out Zero Ball's sculptures in Second Life.
Visit Donatelli (119, 55, 64)

I just wrote this little article about them. The article is based on the gallery notes Zero gave to me and a guided tour of the gallery earlier today.

New art movement forms in virtual worlds

Zero Ball is an artist based entirely in the online virtual world of Second Life. In fact, Zero has never exhibited any work outside of SL because as a journalist in the real world it was only in the virtual world that he connected to his potential for sculpture, an untapped vein of his creativity.

Zero's sculptures are etherial and dream-like. They evoke the love and passion between two people. In fact, his works are based around his relationship with his SL wife and real life partner Sylver Piccard, who is also his muse and inspiration.

Like love, the sculptures are also interactive. To fully experience them you, as a viewer, must experience them through an avatar in Second Life.

Zero uses a mix of textures that are based on water and metal found in old photographs or created in Photoshop. He applies the digital textures to sculpted shapes made using the Second Life building material of "prims," short for primitive objects. Zero activates the prim shapes with the scripting language of Second Life. Zero has installed an interactive suite of these romantic dreamy interactive sculptures in a SL gallery space.

Along with Sylver, Zero formed a new branch of Kinetic Art called Meta Art with the aim of breaking boundaries by using scripts to enliven art and to take advantage of properties unique to virtual objects.

Zero says, "We have discovered an art form that is filled with kinetic energy and motion. We call this artform Meta Dimensional Art, or Metilism. As artists (or Metilists) we break boundaries using scripts to enhance our art, create emotions, and invite interaction."

For a gallery in the real world to present Meta Dimensional Artwork, the artists envision 4 computers hooked up to 4 projectors. Each projector will show a quadrant of the Second Life sculpture installation. The artists could help viewers use avatars to interact with the kinetic sculptures inside the virtual world. The view inside the sculptures as experienced by the avatar is an elegantly mysterious immersive shift in the already virtual reality. And yes, the sculptures are for sale for Linden dollars, the currency of Second Life.

Zero and Sylver have created a sculptural monument to their love as fleeting yet eternal as love itself.

Honoria Raymaker in Zero Ball and Sylver's SL studio
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