honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

How to draw a bunny button

Bill Wilson sent me a how to draw a bunny button! I'm wearing it on my pink silk top right now. I'm at an internet cafe writing a paragraph or two on Volker Hammon. I feel very insiderly branded in the coffeehouse. Hammon is very European and rather angry but funny too. He's a good source of articulate conflict for the end of this chapter. I hope I can capture his personality. I'm closing in on RRN's essay and soon will send it to Bill. I think I have a snapshot of his idiosycracies sand strengths for this chapter, especially thanks to a couple of Bill's great observations that I used as quotes. then I'm going to put in a paragraph or two about Andrej Tisma who dropped out of mail art and became a net artist and then pull the conclusions/implications out of the data, foreshadow the whole scene in an introduction and hand it off to my adivsor.
Then I'm on to the non-traditional data the art pieces. Knut is going to help me scan and capture the images with a digital camera and I'll be able to use the images and the way I save them to build the catalog for the show. Whew! So much work.

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