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murder she didn't wrote, dissertate she did

I'm glad I read the How to write murder mysteries book. It's a very can do kind of book and it's fun to apply it to a dissertation. I really would like to do a mail art murder. There are plenty of strong feelings in the network, it would have to be at a congress and not by poison - I don't want the murder to sound like an anthrax derivative. However that microbe would be a good source for a red herring. Should Held kill Banana or the other way around? Focus honoria! So today I will print Shad and maybe send it to her by snail. I'll sweep Rain for grammar and clarity and get him ready for an editor's looksee on Thursday. I have a pattern going for creating these essays, but it will be good to stop and begin the next chapter. Actually I'm going to do just that this weekend. Knut has agreed to let me use his house and equipment to transfer the paper artworks sent to me on the subject of my research to pixels. He's even going to burn CD's of them. Then I will make single Word files containing the image for each artist with a description and my comments (memoing). Also I have to get some quotes on memoing from the grounded theory book. I may have them already in end note must check. See what a cluttered mind a dissertation produces? Held could kill Banana by omission--by something he didn't do. He wouldn't be the murderer but put into motion the crime. Banana by virtue of being la victime would become the most famous mail artist with all the recognition one could want. I think the Canadian government would even issue a stamp in her memory. But alas I would have to change all the real stuff as suggested by the how to write murders book. It's fun to think about though.

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