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Deck to Deck - outdoor dissertating

I'm writing from the deck at Mozart's cafe by the lake. I've been getting a lot done on the dis last night and today. I took a morning swim and wrote and printed, then I went to the deck at the Alligator Grill for a gumbo lunch and stayed on their deck and pencil edited the print outs. Then I went home, picked up the computer to put the edits in digital form which is what I'm doing now. They have free internet access at the cafe. I'm almost through with the Rain essay--hoping to take it to the editor tomorrow. I've been working on the introduction to the chapter too which is actually coming together pretty smoothly! So I'm very critical pathing today. I'm processing about as much caffeine as information. Buzz buzz of the iced mocha is mixing with the purr of the ski boat motor pulling into the slip.

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