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Hard work and gallery hopping

Hoppy and I cleaned and sorted Mom's house all morning and most of the afternoon, then we went to downtown Asheville where we saw some fine pots at the Black Mountain College Museum. Artist Shoji Hamada who switched from painter to potter early in his career commented:
...even a bad pot has some use, but with a bad painting there is nothing you can do with it but throw it away.
However, I don't agree. Bad paintings make good underlayers for collage and for mail art and for opaque media application. Bad paintings can be scrubbed, turned over, cut up, sanded, tortured, and painted over. The leavings of a bad painting on a canvas or on good rugged paper can form the bottom layer of a wonderful surprise. I love to confront a messed-up painting. It rids one of the blank canvas hesitation. If it's already bad what can you do? It's already trashed and has no where to go but up. Some of my best paintings are on top of bad paintings.

New Zealand sketch book page by Robert Johnson

Then we went to the Spiral Gallery and saw an inspiring Robert Johnson show of drawings and paintings from New Zealand. I liked the drawings much better than the oil/acrylic paintings and the combination was impressive. I do so enjoy the combination of words and watercolors. The tight, made-to-please paintings are commercial in one sense but also radiate a joyous way to spend and extend your vacation indefinitely by painting instead of working for example as an instructional designer or Internet consultant.

Then we went to an Irish Pub and had a lovely down time conversation. Now it's time for home fires and bratwurst.
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