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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Studio Makeover
pinhole camera
My feng shui SWAT team
activates red wined visions
furniture re-placed

My studio organizing help call was answered fabulously last night. We had dolmas and other snacks and I offered a selection of nice red wines. A & K brought change into the room at a rate that was about 1,000 time faster than I had been progressing. When I start organizing, I come across art that wants to be continued, morphed into mail art, collaged, finished, etc. and I sidetrack. I knew with A&K the focused transformation would be wonderful but it's more, it's profound. We assembled the elfa from the container store sale and all the drawers are now filled with art in progress and art supplies. We moved every piece of furniture in the room. A fun Fletcher face pot surfaced. Now the head of the bed is bathed in morning light. The middle of the room where the drafting table was is now wide open space. Next step is to find a pole light to go between the drafting table and the bed. I love my COGG team and the powerful creative energies we zap at each other.
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