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Anatomy can be cool

The last time I taught life drawing there were very few anatomy videos on the web but this semester I've found some very good ones by adccpl who is a physiotherapy Student of RGU in Scotland :)

Check out the hand and foot Anatomical Remixes - Anatomy can be COOL !!

Hand Anatomical Remix! by adccpl
Let's look at the hand and see how it works !!
Quick review of joints, muscles and movements !
The bones and muscles of the hand from various angles.
Actual dissection footage with real muscles and bones.

Foot Anatomical Remix! by adccpl
We all like to move our feet! Why not to take it to the new level and learn how they work?
This video will show you what kind of movements we are able to do and what muscles provide them. Great for human anatomy studies!

If you run across any others let me know.
Tags: anatomy, foot, hand

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