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There's a long thread on www.crosses.net about mail art and money. I just added my 37 cents worth:

Once mail art has been freely exchanged the first time between mail artists maybe it's gone through it's free stage. From then on there are really no rules. I think mail art is strong enough to be collected and sold and still maintain vitality as a networking medium, in fact that is exactly what has happened in some instances. Some mail art, such as pieces by Ray Johnson, have attracted a monetary value to them due to a number of reasons such as his friendships with other key artists of pop added to the fact that he's a truly great artist. This valuing is going to happen due to forces mostly outside the network and I see it more as a positive than negative force. It happened to Fluxus and it will happen to mail art. Now that we are in the Interneted Phase of Correspondence Art (the IPCA) the price of paper art works is going to change, up or down or stay at "nothings."

I saved the whole thread to maybe add into my message board chapter as John requested more examples of converstaion. tThis thread would foreshadow the essay on RRN selling mail art on eBay and Amazon Auctions, and serve as a good illustration of an old standard mail art argument, located in an Internet zone, and involving people with diverse notions.

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