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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Peter Pan fun
pinhole camera
birthday celebrants posing with 12 foot tall Peter Pan sculpture

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a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!
big birthday hugs!! xoxoxo :-) :-)

and more thanks for your gifts of wonderful pictures all year long!

Happy Birthday! Wish I could have attended. Haven't been to Peter Pan since the 80s, glad to know it still exists.

George won. He got 3 holes in one. Is that even mathematically possible? It was quite fun. Wish you'd been with us.

George had a great run! Marsha did well, too; came in second. She just told me that she learned that if she said before shooting she was going to make it in two shots, it always worked! She's magic!

you could join us with the girls. Let's do it again.

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