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Week 3 is skull week

Skull drawing video tour for my life drawing class.

What techniques does this tattoo parlor artist, laflamme, use when sketching a skull?


Compare the tattoo artist's ink marker drawing to this student, The Troubleshooter, drawing with charcoal, a 2-hour drawing condensed into 16 seconds.


And here is a slide show of yet another skull sketch using pencil with instructions by M. Suhaimee from pencil-drawing-idea.com.


Good luck! Remember the skull might be a good subject to add to your portfolio collection. Find other skull drawing videos to add to our collection!

Be creative

The skull drawing is usually students' favorite assignment.
I encourage you to explore new techniques and be creative with the skull drawing.

If all skull anatomy is present and correct you may add interest or drama to the composition. Once a student drew the skull on a half black half white background - an amazing experiment that affected the interior values of the skull. Other students have added atmospheric backgrounds.

First, the drawing should be an accurate anatomical study.

Second, give your skull a background for atmosphere and compositional depth.

Third, I encourage you to use your creativity to make the drawing into an exciting composition that expresses your personal vision.

Have fun with this one.
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