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chair glue system of writing

What is important about Hamann's observations and how do they fit into the story of effects of the internet and into this chapter in particular? I need to take the essay away somewhere like the coffee shop where I think better. Home is better for applying the edits than to making the edits. I wonder why? Because there are always too many other things that need organizing in my house to distract my attention. At home the diss organizational needs are only one of many. At the coffee house it's the only thing on the table--except for the coffee. So what the heck is Volker all about anyway. He's a social scientist so he is more analytical of the social dynamics in the group of mail artists. That's a good observation and helps place his essay in with the rest. Hey, I'm doing it. Sitting on my bed slurping coffee and rewriting the Hamann essay. It's that glue on the chair concept. Wake up and sit and write. It's happening. I am making early morning progress. It's now 6:34--still early:-)

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