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Silk Pink Wearable Venice

Lucas and I are working on our writing projects at Mozarts wired coffee house. It's fun to hang out with Lucas as a fellow student instead of a Mom. I'm catching up on the day's email and now going back to the Volker Hamann essay that I worked on this morning and edited during my toenail painting ceremony. A strange thing happened today--the polish on my big toes got bubbles when it dried under the special toenail fan. But my pedicurist painted some magic stuff on them and smoothed out the bubbles. They aren't as perfect as usual but they are still much better than a home done paint job. Then I had a Chango's taco and just dropped in a Goodwill and found this KILLER little pink silk dress with gondolas all over it! It's not really a dress for me it's a wall hanging. If I wore it I'd have to also wear some pink tights to continue the theme of the dress which is above the knee - not my most flattering length -- but it has all of Venice depicted at thigh level.

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