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Gas on clothes
pinhole camera
Yesterday in the rain I slipped and the pump pulled out of the car gas tank and splashed me. I really smelled like gas at the airport and got searched. I went to the bathroom and washed my shoes and the bottom of my pants with lots of soap. I still smelled like gas. I stood at a magazine counter and asked if the little bottle of Scope might help. The guys behind me said, No you'd be adding alcohol to it. I said is that bad? They said you need something oil based so I bought a little container of Vaseline and some Kleenex. Then I sat on the floor and polished my shoes with layers of Vaseline. Today I washed my pants and they still smell. The shoes also smell. The shoes are on the front porch and the pants are hanging in a tree outside.

Now I'm doing a Web search for the answer to gas smells and there are a variety of remedies out there:

1 - Remove Gasoline Odor From Clothing
To remove the odor of gasoline from clothing, place the clothing in a large bucket of cold water. Add two cans of coke to the water and a box of baking soda. Allow the clothes to soak for 24 hours. Then, hang the clothes on a clothes line to air dry. Finally, place the dry garment into the washing machine and launder as usual.

2 - Perfect solution.
Dawn direct Foam, apple vinegar, two cans beer.
1)set water level to medium
2)add six squirts of dawn
3)add 2 cups apple cider vinegar (smells nicer than other vinegar)
4)run normal cycle
5)drink the two beers

3 - Putting clothes with gas on them in the washing machine only makes things worse - including the washing machine. Instead hang them outside for a couple days while the gas evaporates, then wash them. I didn't need to use vinegar or anything after hanging clothes outside.

4- I tried everything listed on here for getting gasoline out of my jeans. None of it worked until I took a friends advice and used cotton balls dipped in pure vanilla extract. I let the cotton swabs sit on the clothing for about an hour and the smell was finally gone.

5 - Do you have another solution?

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(Deleted comment)
The shoes and pants are airing outside and the smell does seem to be dissipating. A lot of suggestions were to burn the items with the smell because combustion would take care of the problem.

Update. The pants and shoes air dried outside in the shade for 3 days and no longer smell like gasoline.

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