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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Hidden Haiga
pinhole camera
I feel related to Yosa Buson  poet painter. 
I was reading my haiku book and found reference to haiga.

Haiga is haiku painting. Hai refers to the poem or haiku and ga means painting. The form originated in seventeenth-century Japan and was used to decorate scrolls, albums, screens, and fans. You always find three elements in haiga: an ink-brush or watercolor painting, a poem or poems, and calligraphy. The form is characterized by a fresh and spontaneous rendering of ordinary, everyday life--very much in the haiku spirit--as well as by simple subjects, loose and fluid brushstrokes, and plenty of white space. It is usually very sketch-like with spare images expressed with just a few lines, little detail, and one or two colors for added visual interest.

OK I'm on it!

a poetic niche
contains my paintings and words
eye reside inside
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