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Today's variation on haiku

finding more info
this in wikipedia
brings out the brushes

Basho and Haikai

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) was one of the most famous poets in Edo period.
He defined “haikai spirit” as following: first of all, haikai spirit implied the interaction of diverse languages and subcultures, particularly between the new popular culture and the poetic tradition, and the humor and interest resulting from the sociolinguistic incongruity or difference between the two. Second, haikai spirit meant taking pleasure in recontextualization: defamiliarization, dislocating habitual, conventionalized perceptions, and their refamiliarization, recasting established poetic topics into contemporary language and culture, the haikai spirit was also marked by a constant search for novelty and new perspectives. Finally, the haikai imagination implied the ability to interact in a playful, lively dialogue that produced communal art.

Today I'm working making some non-figurative haiga for the Austin Figurative Gallery Abstract Figures show.

And right here on Live Journal:  http://sakuo3903.livejournal.com/
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