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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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Dr. Sketchy, the Mystic, and piano jazz
pinhole camera
Life drawing of the Mystic (model) at Dr. Sketchy Austin Contortionist drawing by Honoria Starbuck
What fun. At Dr. Sketchy one artist said I reminded her of Rodin's fast gestures. WOW! I disagree totally but WOW! then home to wash the ink and graphite off and then to Eddie v's but there was a 20 minute wait so we went to see George at the piano and Suzie Stern sing at the Driscoll piano bar, then back to Eddie V's for oysters and bisque and lovely red wine both being in a totally red wine mood and another set of piano jazz singing. My evening of artmaking and piano jazzing with the Knutster under the full moon. Lovely

The Mystic drawing by Honoria Starbuck 2008