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The end is nearer

Yesterday I worked so hard on that big proposal at work that I didn't think I'd have any energy left to write/edit at the end of the day. However, I printed out the newest version of the chapter just as I left the office. Following ...Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day advice to let someone else cook for you while you are writing, I took my printout to Cippolina and spent some quality time with my manuscript and ate some yummy, but pricey food. Today is my day off and I will continue editing through the manuscript. Added to what I did last night, I will come with a full reading back to the very sketchy conclusions-implications section. Do another layer of addition to those old implications based on threads in the essays and then go back and fill out the introduction one more time. The intro is coming along but it's still clunky, especially Mark Bloch's part. Next read through everyone again and hit the conclusions again. Those two sweep-throughs ought to get me to the point at which I can call in the LSC $11 editor for a few hours, fine tune it then call it a wrap. On to the next chapter.

I ran into Art History Iris yesterday on the way home and we just so happened to talk about our dissertations and she uses the same system I do--a little bit every day followed by editing sweeps away from the computer at a restaurant or over coffee. I'm glad Iris is also moving ahead with her work.

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