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Student Essay on Pencils

student writing about pencils
This is an unassigned essay on pencils written by a student.

 The white came with the pencils. It says on the package that they have 24 colors, but the pack I got had ochre, sepia, sanguine, chocolate, black, and white. I really think I like these! I had never tried them before, so I thought they would be harder like conte, but they are smooth and soft. However they do take a point when you sharpen them so you could use them for tiny detail work, though if you were trying to cover a large area they do have the same limitations as all pencils. They also respond nicely to pressure which lets you choose to let the grain of the paper show, or cover it completely.

Speaking of the paper is mi-tientes by Canson and it does have a texture, stronger on one side than the other. The side I used has almost a honeycomb type texture, while the other is flat but rough. It is, as far as I am aware, the closest thing to a "standard" paper for charcoal, odd though because I never liked it for charcoal. But it has a nice wide range of colors, though you generally find it sold by the 19x26 sheet. They do have a letter-ish sized pad at some places though, that's what I used for these.

Kelly Lynam Life Drawing Student Spring 2008
Tags: life drawing

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