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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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From my son
pinhole camera
 Honoria and Lucas Starbuck in front of Artz Rib house on Mother's Day 2008

Mother's Day poem from Lucas.

I love you a whole bunch
I hope you had a great breakfast and lunch
I know we'll have a great dinner
at the one & only Artz Rib Center
We'll have some ribs
and we'll have some wine
We'll have ourselver a good ole time.
I love you mom, you're so great
Today is Mother's Day - Let's celebrate

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Ha ha! i remember when Lucas was just a skinny disgruntled teenager! He seems to have figured out how lucky he is...

When was Mother's day first celebrated?

It's still remains a mystery to me that when (which year) and which country first celebrated mothers day. I tried searching on wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.com/) as well as some other sites like wikipedia alternative (http://www.site605.com/) but didn't find my answer. Anyone with these answers.

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