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Students want costumes

One of my students wants to draw himself  as a pirate, another a crusader in chain mail; others want to draw their children or from photos. I have told them that traditional life drawing is from a naked model in the same room. Now it is time for the final drawing, hopefully they will spend a good amount of time on the drawing and it will be portfolio quality. So many of them submitted drafts to do an alternative to a classic nude drawing that I sent out this mail.

Although it is OK to draw from clothed figures for this class I want to give you some informal advice about your portfolio.

In your final, you should be working toward a portfolio-quality drawing that reflects a semester work in life drawing.

The traditional expectation of life drawing is from the nude.

A life drawing nude in your portfolio is what a professional reviewer will expect. They do not expect or want to see a pirate, a crusader, a kid, or a bride. This is a time that you can spend creating a serious study that will be reviewed and evaluated in terms of classic art and design training.

My advice is to find a nude person and draw him or her. This will be the most professional option for your portfolio.

We don't insist that you draw from the nude in this class but it is important for you to know what is expected in your professional design portfolio.

Good Luck for week 6!
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