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End of Semester Reflections

Final student comment:
I'm much more aware of the relative proportions of the parts and the whole of the body and how the underlying bone and muscle structure shapes us. I do find myself looking at people differently sometimes; mentally measuring out their proportions, seeing how their muscles and bones move, etc.

I definitely think my drawing skills have been expanded. The sheer quantity of drawing assignments and my desire to excel at them forced me to draw much more often than I normally do. I have enjoyed the increased practice and intend to keep it going. Figure drawing was something I had previously shied away from, but this class has given me much more confidence in this area.

I appreciate all of the different educational web sites and video tutorials that Honoria pointed out. I wasn't really aware of the staggering amount of free drawing education available on the web. I also have a greater appreciation for the importance of drawing from life as opposed to drawing from pictorial reference. This is an area that I need to focus on personally. I'm trying to get into the habit of taking a sketchpad and pencils out with me. I can see how beneficial these skills are in a many art jobs that are out there.

These classes were difficult.  More Bs and Cs this semester - usually I have more As.  If a class works hard and makes lots of comments to each other they learn more.  I am resting now and thinking about how to write about the variables that create happening classes and dull classes.  To be Revealed...
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