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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Stealth Graphic Recordings -> early results
pinhole camera

I sent this request out to a group of professional facilitators affiliated with the CoGG.

I am developing my graphic recording skills by attending meetings and presentations and creating small format (sketchbook) graphic recordings.

If you have a meeting or function in which I can create some small-format stealth graphic recordings I'd love to hear about it. I will offer digital copies of the resulting drawings to the presenter or sponsor. I'm especially interested in creating whole books of conferences such as my Live Art Blogging at SXSW 2008.

I've been tweaking my new graphic recording web site at honoriastarbuck.com:-) Feedback welcome.


I attended a facilitated brainstorm last month. The facilitator gave me a rave review on her blog. http://3lastnames.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/06/killer-meeting-documentation.html

I applied for a free trip to Berlin to do a graphic book (like the Live Art Blogging SXSW book) of the VizThink Europe Conference in October.
Update: It isn't a free trip, rather a referral credit system. If you go to the conference tell them you read about it here and I'll get credit in Euros toward the conference.

I'm going to do a stealth recording and network the business at the Women's Chamber on Friday.

I'm taking a VizThink certification workshop on July 18th.

Another facilitator from the group wants me to attend 2 meetings in August as part of my self-apprenticeship program.

I'm writing a blog post about composition (fine art) in the field of graphic recording to do some web 2.Ohing

That's the news from http://honoriastarbuck.com

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You should come ot Austin Jelly at Cafe Caffeine this Friday. Do you know about it?

Re: http://austinative.com

where is is? and when on friday? I have 2 appointments on friday...

Sorry I put the wrong thing in the Subject line above. Apparently this week there is a Northwest "Cupcake" Jelly at Cupprimo this
Thursday from 10am-5pm. For more info:

For info on Cafe Caffeine this Friday, July 11th 10-4 or 5... see: http://wiki.workatjelly.com/Jelly-Austin-July-11-2008.

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