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The grant is still howling. But it's getting there. I should get Neill to write the last section of my chapter--he's been so good on the grant. I have been unable to get to even my 15 minutes a day on my dis during this big grant and that's wrong! Yesterday evening I took Knut's Miata with the top down to Colleen's and we had a nice visit. She gave me the new Martha Grimes to read. Oh goody! I can't wait. I hope I secured the car Perfectly because it's now raining and it isn't used to sitting in the rain it has a car port for such drizzle. I think the coffee is ready now. Should actually write one version of the end of the chapter as a Nero Wolfe ending. Bring all the characters into the parlour, have Fritz serve tea and beer at the right temperature and then reveal everyone's involvement in the Internet and their motives. That would be fun. I will wear my little gondola dress in the scene and will paint my fingernails for the private investigative event.

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