honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

To Ning or Not to Ning

I've been looking for open communities for Graphic Recording professionals. The blogs I've found are all tightly connected to specific companies and individuals with no comment options. I was considering creating a Graphic Recorders Community on Ning and wondering about the added responsibilities of managing an online community when, trying all kinds of search term combos, I found one http://visualfacilitator.ning.com with only one other person in it, the founder...so I joined and doubled the population. Maybe it will grow and become a lively spot.

Another option is to make a LJ Visual Thinking community to encompass all the related forms and professional keywords: graphic facilitation, graphic recording, visual facilitation and visual recording.

I see a mind map community on LJ. Do you know of any others?
Tags: graphic recording, online community, visual thinking

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