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Berlin or bust

When I went to the VizThink site to sign up for the newsletter I saw a call for sessions for VizThink Europe 08 in Berlin.  As a curriculum designer I came up with these two and submitted them.  We'll see.
Color theory for graphic facilitation
Bring all your art supplies to this one! Hands-on color theory will introduce participants to classic color combinations based on the traditional paint color wheel.  Interactive problem-solving will get the group learning what combinations can be used to balance and energize a whole graphic recording composition.  Example graphic recordings (including volunteered participant examples) will be analyzed by the class to determine color relationships and color themes that work and determine what alternative options can be used effectively.

Composition lessons from art history
Graphic recordings are traditionally done in a large and long landscape format.  What compositional systems work best for this layout?  Participants will take away lots of new ideas from the great muralists and frieze artists of the past. In a hands-on activity, participants will create contemporary business-appropriate compositions by applying patterns from art history.
Wouldn't these be fun sessions?  I am inspired by the fascinating presentation at SXSW Interactive by Jennifer Fraser about what interface designers can learn from Ancient Rome. 
Tags: curriculum design, graphic recording, vizthink

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