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The grant is out the door. Hurray! I just have to remind them that the number of outreach trips changed. There did it. Now I'm thinking about the implications in my chapter. Today's goal: to write the implications/conclusions section. I woke up with a sentence or two flying through my brain. The early adopters brought a long history of global networking to their first Internet encounters. Some thought the Internet was just Mail Art with machines, a new kid on the block with a lot to learn; others saw the Internet as great potential extension of the mail art network. Francois saw it as a lens that would bring mail art networking strategies into focus for art historians in the new century because to him the Internet was a giant pulsating sculpture. Mail artists think of a network as an art product, a sculpture with flowing parts communicating creatively with each other. As I distilled the themes from the many interviews I was struck that the variety of responses was like the mail art network, diverse and loaded with personality. I could easily fill a much larger book with essays on mail artists words about the Internet but I want to move on get to the images that were also sent in response to my research queries.

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