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Teaching Reflections

I am teaching (on ground) two sections of the Observational Drawing course at the Art Institute of Austin. This 11-week teaching gig is a standup performance of 2 4-hour classes with an hour break between them. I come prepared with a Powerpoint (structure) that includes the schedule for the 4-hours, links to youtube videos (tutorials or examples), visual examples, pages for the instructions to in class drawings, and the homework assignment. The PPT is based on the Beyond Bullet's strategy of simple sentences, lots of images, and a story to tell. The PPT for this week was the story of Chapter 3 in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I had lists of the R-mode and the L-mode and an open book quiz. The open book quiz worked really well. I assigned a word to each student. They looked up the word and had to 1 - give a definition and 2- talk about how the concept applied to their future creative career. I tie every theoretical idea in the book to their future as a graphic designer, web designer, interior designer, fashion retailer, or fashion designer. I have students form each of those majors. I turn the PPT on and off throughout the evening. The notes I need are in the notes section of the printed set of slides for me to refer to and take notes on.

I'm happy to say the evening class stayed awake and mostly engaged the whole time. I am so grateful to Youtube artists who post their drawing processes online and reactions to Right Brain drawing techniques. In the drawing upside-down section of the book I was able to illustrate it with a performance artist doing an upside down drawing of Jay Leno and my video of the poppy painting. After my 1 minute 46 second poppy video the class actually applauded. I also bring a pile of books and use the document camera to show types of master drawing techniques to supplement the non-master levels in the book. I have different students read the step-by-step instructions from the book to introduce the activities. Students stand up after each drawing, put their finished drawings against the wall, and with some Socratic prodding, reflect on what they learned from each activity. Each afternoon is a dance between direct reference to the book, playing with new drawing concepts and new drawing materials, mini-exhibitions complete with mini-artist statements. What fun.

Video synopsis of Chapter 3
Art Series Episode 1:The art of car riding and drawing as one

Upside down drawing as performance by Jan the Empress.

I have several years experience searching for online tutorials and videos to address very specific drawing techniques and philosophies for my online courses. This new classroom gig helps me to more elegantly weave my skills in graphic facilitation, beyond bullets design, web art research, and problem-based instructional design. It's a puzzle. It gets instant feedback (1 - Students stay awake or not:-) (2 - Students shift brain modes when drawing or not) and they pay me to do a fun job.

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