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Home again

It's going to take a while to process all the painting work. It was very intense. And my paintings from the intensive are all very large. I rolled (51 inches tall) them covered them with bubble wrap and paid extra to bring them home on the plane. I usually work on post card size and quickly...these are large and slow - hours on a painting when I usually take minutes.

I really enjoyed living with 4 amazing women who considered me Girlie AND Techie!
I fixed the Internet connection on day one and was in charge of communications in general since I was the only one with a cell phone and a camera. The camera made everyone nervous so I said I was learning the camera and shooting random pictures to find out how it worked - a true statement.

I have yet to read the instructions for my new Leica. Carl, another member of the class documented the daily sessions thoroughly. He is sending CDs of all the work to all the participants.

I met many amazing women on the trip. My main brush with testosterone was a highly intellectual meeting with bookish that was quite fun. Here is a picture of him sitting outside the Laughing Horse bookstore on a bench that says "Reading is sexy"

I was also around 2 dogs who knew right away I was basically a cat person even though I gave them admiration and respect and scratches and pats of affection. One barked at me often as if I was an intruder instead of a welcome guest. It was loud and unnerving.

I have to get a pedicure immediately.
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