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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Intensive Day 5 : Loneliness
pinhole camera

On day 5 Leigh gave us the painting cue "loneliness."
This is 48" x 51" on Arches watercolor paper.
Oil pastel, watercolor and 9B graphite.
I think Loneliness is one of the more successful abstracts to come out of my work in the intensive. The round shape is zen art inspired and the blocks are more urban and delauneyish. The combo reflects me and my impure combining tendencies.

Photo by Karl Edwards www.karledwards.com
Leigh discussing visual language in day 5 critique.

Painters in Crit mode
Photo by Karl Edwards
In this photo the painters in the intensive are in serious critique mode.
Read Leigh's guide to a good critique at artsreal.com/essays