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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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fun/respect combo
pinhole camera
Mail art is and has been made up from a mad combo of fun and
mutual respect. The fun part fuels and tempers the
respect. very good balancing act. why does it work so well?

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What kind of mail art do you do?

postcards and dissertation

Right now I'm writing a dissertation on mail art and studying the effects of the Internet on the Mail Art network. I do watercolor postcards with rubberstamps. I like to do mail art about mail art and recycle classic mail art images and impressions from rubber stamps into my watercolors. I read in your journal that you do deco. Sounds fun.

Re: postcards and dissertation

Your mail art sounds interesting. I was wondering if decos fall under "mail art" since it is mailed from person to person? :)

What are your findings about the internet's effect on mail art? I would think it has helped it a lot?

The effects are many and varied. I'm still looking at my interviews to identify patterns that mail artists are experiencing. I'll post the URL when I have the whole research project done. Within the year. I think decos are mail art - what do you think? Since mail art is a grass roots system, you are naturally as much an expert as anyone:-)

Yes, I do think that decos definitely qualify as mail art. There are some gorgeous ones that have come through my hands lately. Sadly, I am not their final resting place! ;)

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