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Student Problem du jour

A new online class in life drawing started Wednesday and here's the first student problem:
I do not like to draw in this way, I have found that I am not good with pencils or charcoal or even paint. How do I find inspiration to get through this class when I have no motivation. In no way do I feel that I do not appreciate anyone who draws but I do so much better with computers and have taken drawing classes before and I know I have many more to take, but drawing is not my forte and I am afraid to turn in work that is not at the level of the rest of the class.

I think you are saying that by "drawing this way" you mean with traditional paper and art supplies like graphite and charcoal.

What we do:
In the class you are not expected to be able to draw the human figure well when you come into class.  You should use each assignment to learn.  So not being able to draw at any perceived level is not a problem.  You will learn.  You are graded on learning not on achieving perfection.

Art supplies
Try doing the assignments in pastel if you don't like pencils or charcoal.  My on ground class has fallen in love with pastels and are smudging and coloring their way to wonderful drawings.  Or try very dark water soluble graphite (9B) and wet it and draw large and messy.  Large and loose may seem more playful to you.  There are all kinds of new weird art supplies on the market these days including liquid graphite.

No computer drawings:
This class has a restriction of no computer drawings.  If you must do computer drawings with a wacom tablet or other drawing device you may wish to change classes or do them on the side and post them to the student lounge.

If you are not motivated by your end goal to graduate which means taking and learning material in all the required courses there is nothing to do but drop out now.

I hope you will stay in class and try to learn to draw the human figure.  No one can make that decision but you.  I'd say the first thing to do is go to an art supply store with an open mind and spend some money on any art supply that seems interesting and draw with that the first week, then reflect on your learning and decide to stay or go.

Student reply: Hurray!

I have drawn before and it was mostly geometric and organic shapes I feel excited, happy and fulfilled, and when I am in front of the computer I feel fulfilled. It's when I have to draw still life of real life shapes where I loose motivation. I did draw with pastels once and enjoyed it very much. I will try that, thank you for your advice.
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