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Student Uprising
pinhole camera
Installation of student work hung at midterm Summer 2008 Art Institute of Austin - Honoria Starbuck's Observational Drawing Class
Observational Drawing Summer 2008 Mid-Term Hall Exhibition

My students presented their three strongest drawings and an artist statement then selected and hung their work in the hallway while I graded their sketchbooks in the room.  i gave them full artistic freedom to design the hall installation.  Instead of the formal title I suggested they created a sign that says "Honoria's Gemz"  they also hung an informal arrangement on a single backing and drew frames around the unmatted drawings.  My classes have definitely bonded and are looking toward a strong second half of the semester.

Left:  Aztec Lust by Alina.  Middle: Bamboo Banga by Jennifer.  Right: Lady Killer by Chris (hommage to Redon)

Students installing the hall exhibition
Philip, Chris, Jennifer and Jared hanging the pieces and hand drawing the frames.


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