honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

Offering Ideas

student observed drawing ideas for changing a timid drawing

Other teachers  draw on top of student drawings, usually with photoshop.  I've never added to a student drawing until this semester.  I have a very articulate and interesting class and I feel like doing something different. After my recent successful experiences with the on ground classes, I decided to introduce a bold idea sharing and intro to ways in which art supplies that can draw out drama. 

I call the over drawing "ideas for." to make the Ideas for sketch, I print out a drawing and attack it with a bunch of quick ideas and rough writing.  I'm hoping that the creative energy and the obvious right brain action will help the students out of thier left brained self-critical timidity and into the world of experimentation with all their art supplies and with their options in drawing.

Tags: drawing, teaching

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