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tai chi and automatic drawing

Thinking about my practice of both tai chi and art I've found automatic drawing as a regular practice and as a form of moving meditation. 

I've learned from the last few mornings that automatic drawings/paintings center my day and give me more information about what's inside the tubes of paint I buy on impulse.

Automatic drawing backand gold1 automatic drawing black and gold 2 2008
Automatic drawings in black and gold - graphite, India ink and gold powder with acrylic gel medium

What's in the tubes of red?
double red automatic painting SP08  Honoria Starbuck  9"x12"  automatic painting by honoria starbuck sp08 6"x9"
Automatic painting by honoria starbuck sp 2008 Automatic painting by Honoria Starbuck 2008

Left -The Scheveningen Red Deep by Old Holland was on sale!  Wow.
Old Holland watercolor and 9B water soluble graphite. 4"x6.5"
Right - Carmine Naples yellow graphite and gesso. 5"x9"

Meditating in flowing colors, hand movements and breath wakes up the unconscious.  Automatic writing, drawing and painting is a surrealist concept.  The results of my practice are abstract.  Some times the automatic movements want to be quick and sometimes more what Santanu calls "tai chi speed" or slow and deep.  Even the slow movements can leave traces that seem quick and may relate to the martial art quality of tai chi.  The practice smooths my mind and balances my approach to my many other tasks and I hope to keep up the practice.  One more in pink...
Atutomatic drawing by Honoria Starbuck 2008 
This one features silver acrylic finger prints with opera pink and samplings of reds and fluorescent oil pastel.  5"x7"
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