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Some Days! are too wonderful

Assignment 2: Final Review
• How did your understanding of anatomy translate to drawing a portrait from life?
• How was your experience with this class?
• What were some of the most challenging aspects for you in this class?
• What areas do you feel you have improved in?
• What did the self-portraits tell you about yourself?
First, I wanted to say that I had an excellent time in this class. Mrs. Starback you are a great teacher and the student was great too. For me it was very easy to understand the anatomy translates to drawing because as a firefighter all our training is in art form in books. I gain a lot of experience in this class that I have loss long time ago.
The most challenging aspect that has in this class was time. With the military I had to draw on my off hours that I had between watch and training and sometime I had to stay up late at night to draw. And with two hurricanes that came through the south was hard on me too. But I made it.
I really improved that I was able to draw really great with the short time. Self-portraits tell me about my self I knew that I was bald and it is a solar power sex machine hahaha.

I think I will do an automatic drawing of this student who I have never seen as a solar power sex machine hahaha.
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