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Another online student review treasure

End of semester student review of the course:

In the beginning of this class I was very skeptical and somewhat close minded of the idea of drawing. I don't really like to draw people, it is my least favorite thing to do but I knew that I had to take this class to I tried to make the best of it. What made me change my mind about drawing people was drawing the skeletal version of a body. I really enjoyed drawing skeletons it made the human body more interesting from the inside. I was able to explore with charcoal which I had not done so before.

I was terrified the closer we got to our final because when I drew real people, not skeleton, I was doing horrible. I wasn't too sure why I wasn't getting all the detail that I wanted. I was so glad to find out that we were to take out time drawing our final. I enjoyed it and I was able to see even the little of detail and I feel that I did excellent considering I have never drawn a human before. I am proud of myself even though I struggled tremendously and had some obstacles during this class.

It's been fun and amusing I had really enjoyed watching every one improve, and I give everyone a high five for improving so much because I would guess this class is hard enough to take on campus let alone on your own at home. Yes there are workshops and videos we can watch but in the end, watching someone hold their pencil the way you are suppose and showing you how to draw would be even more helpful. Therefore we had to reach ourselves a lot of these techniques, books can only show us so much. Of Coarse this is only my opinion.

We had a great teacher who was always on top of attaching videos and drawing to help us along the way, something I have never seen another teacher do. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way and I wish everyone good luck in the future.
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