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pinhole camera


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Updating the house
pinhole camera
photo of hoppy and nancy with a freshly installed stainless range hood
Hoppy and Nancy and the newly installed stainless range hood.

Working hard for 5 days now and the new kitchen looks great. Nancy has been the painting queen but today I'm turning from my completed wall paper removal and craigslisting tasks to painting the bedroom. Hoppy's been installing new vanities in the bathrooms and doing lots of plumbing and wiring. We got rid of all the furniture except for one desk that must find a home today. Phyllis and Earl put most of the furniture on a hay wagon and dragged it to Mars Hill yesterday. We are sleeping on the floor. Hoppy and I took a break to play 9 holes of golf at the Asheville Municipal Golf Course. Actually he played and I brought my water soluble pencils and made automatic drawings while walking.