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Reflections on a nicer week

The research for changing the direction of a downwardly spiraling class made a big difference this week. I did talk slower and lower. I did not let the main downers get traction but kept the class in active problem solving mode. I also brought in our skeleton for the negative space drawing of the rib cage. After they drew the rib cage, I asked students to arrange their drawings from the most symbolic approach to the most realistic. Determining the placements turned out to be a great teaching moment because the artists had to evaluate what the concepts of left-brained symbols and right-brained observation looked like when concretized in a drawing and then figure out the relationships between the individual differences between drawings.

The classes were smaller too and the absences were good for the ones who remained. For the absent ones the school offered faculty training in e-communicator on Friday. E-communicator is the same system that AIO is built on, so I am familiar with it's parts and functions. I can now transform my PPTs to an outline to place on a class website so that I will have a place for the absent ones to catch up instead of working with them through individual emails. This will have an initial set up cost in time but will save time in the long run. I started building out my Observational Drawing course and look forward to it going live sometime this week.
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