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buzzing boys and calm conclusions

at Mozart's--I got talked into a meeting to talk about my dissertation mail art installation but we mostly talked about an art entrepreneur's myriad projects. I got very tired and was frustrated because this is my dissertating day. This morning I met with April at the LSC and she and I worked through the beginning of my conclusion section. It was helpful to talk it out with her. I went on a writing binge when Volker's mail came from Germany telling me once again that I was an unrigorous slob of a researcher with lots of vigorous German male language that I laughed at, but still had to think about, rather than about the in progress conclusion. Volker is playing with networked identity and seems to be even as experimentally amusing as NNR but he is even less easy to understand. Now they are all gone. The buzzing boy voices clamoring for attention. Thank Heavens! And I am back at work putting in the beginnings I made this morning and trying to get my insights back. Oh look here they are now!

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