honoriartist (honoriartist) wrote,

AFG two models

We had two models rotating last night - both were fine models offering simple standing poses, a hallmark of David Ohlerking's life drawing group management style. I made 3 charcoal rectangles 6.5 wide and 11 inches tall on my new Arches 140 lb watercolor papers that measure 15 x 22 inches. I brought the secondary colors of green, orange and purple as my limited palette along with India ink, vine charcoal, Naples yellow gouache and white pastel. But I forgot all my brushes exept my big wash brush! Snarko loaned me her rake brush and another artist loaned me her oil painting brush and along with finger painting and a stick to dip in the ink I was set for the session.

Snarko selected this one to have in trade for the painting that I have from her.

Tags: austin figurative gallery, life drawing, painting

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