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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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model was me
pinhole camera

Painting from last night by David Ohlerking
Last night the model didn't show up so I decided to model. Chris Chappell and David Ohlerking have a tradition of giving the model a painting and they are both wonderful painters. Chappell gave me 2 paintings. David was using the very gooey Lukas paint, so his painting was too wet to sign and take home. Also I couldn't decide - they were so fabulous! He said he was working quickly because he was channeling my style. I will get one of them next week. Amazing paintings. I'm so happy! On the 6th there is going to be a noon-6pm modelathon with non-stop 15 minute poses for 6 hours. Then David will get in a truck and move to NJ. There will be an art energy void left where he worked and in all of us who benefit from his intensity and love of painting and promoting artists and art in Austin.

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Wonderful nude painting!
I really enjoyed them.
I do two times in a month to paint model.

Thank you for sharing.


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