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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

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Graphics problems
pinhole camera
I've been working on the conclusions section instead of freewriting. I'm ready to tackle it now. I found some hard times manipulating graphics in the aesthetic section. I don't know if it's my copy of Word or just the clunkyness of Word with graphics. It would be nice if you could just put an image in the file and have it stay there. I also had trouble adding captions. I hope this isn't a preview of what's to come since I have a LOT of graphics to insert. My next strategy is to take this little section out, finish it as a small file and then paste it into the chapter.

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three files of GRANDADA SAND WHICH of too appear. REM EMB ERT HER EIS A SCANNER AND IMAGE TESTTUBE AVAILABLE AT ANYTIME...inc ase you too dis sap per. Perhaps you could just post the IMAGES on AMAZON and have them APPEAR only to the highest bidder or lowest common de nom men hater. WE LOVE YOU honoria, even with all your scribbles and follycalls. MEN OF GOOD FORTUNE MEN OF POOR BEGINNINGS IN LOO OF REEDing this...


He stalks you even here?

Didn't know you could post anonymously.

Been reading your journal entries. skimming them actually. you know me...gotta look for the sound byte (bite?).

Just stopping in to say hello.

take care my excellent friend.

(dia de los perros)

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