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Clayways Shopping - The best in Austin!
pinhole camera
When doing your holiday shopping remember to drop by Kit Adam's Clayways Gallery http://clayways.com on 5442 Burnet Road near 2222.  She was one of Fletcher's dearest friends and runs this small business through the economic ups and downs. 

Kit established a non-profit that I think we can also support in Fletcher's honor. It is a bus that is outfitted as a pottery studio and a program to take the bus to low income children to give them a creative and possible professional skills for the future.

Also the store is full of really great pottery right now.  I bought 3 bowls that are really fine.  There is a pre-Christmas discount of 10% off everything too.

Kit would love to see you.

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Fletcher Starbuck

I just found out about Fletcher's passing. I lived behind him on Post Oak. He would give me his rejects (they are still in use today) and I bought a number of his jug heads. He was a good person. Anyone who knew him will miss him.

Thank you Dale.

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