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pinhole camera


honoria in ciberspazio

gallery + reflections

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RIP Dr. Sketchy Austin
pinhole camera
Well that was fun.  Dr. Sketchy was the most fun life drawing situation I've ever been in.  However Nathan and the crew decided the 2 years was enough and had the last Dr. Sketchy last night.
Here is Nathan saying goodbye to the wonderful models.
Nathan and the Dr. Sketchy models December 2008

Before the paint was dry in this drawing 2 people wanted to buy it. 
Ink and acrylic painting of Cardinal Syn December 2008

I will certainly miss the Dr. Sketchy evenings.  I'm glad the Austin Figurative Gallery monday evenings will be continuing.

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Aww, I'm certainly sad about this as well. Hopefully, someone in Austin will decide to resurrect Dr. Sketchy's. Many branches are on their second and third incarnations, so there's no reason Austin should be different.

i can see why, it's gorgeous. :-)

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