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What's a vision board?

My new business partners created a vision board workshop.  It was full of surprises.  I learned a lot about the way people find images and symbols for elements in their lives and to represent their dreams.

.black and white collage by Honoria Starbuck
Here is my vision board for 2009

In the center of my vision board is a single color picture of my new large abstract painting in blue with black radiating oil pastel tenticals reaching out to the 4 sides of the 22x30 Arches watercolor paper coated in gesso.   I stripped color and details from all the other photos and printed them on the heavy ivory printmaking paper, Stonehenge. Family, partner, favorite artists, fellow teachers, a student, my tai chi teacher, a pedicure, and chunks of the new house framework and some Alvin Ailly dancers from the NYTimes I was using to protect the tablecloth all dance and converge in the movement of the pieces of my life.  I am happy and busy even in black and white.  The center is art and new horizons.  Everything flows into the center and out from the center of the collage.

Tags: drawing, vision board

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