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Haiku Fridays in Second Life

On Friday evenings I like to attend the haiku meeting in Second Life.  Here is what my latest haiku looks like in an SL chat window.

[20:47]  Honoria Raymaker: ***
[20:47]  Honoria Raymaker: glowing gravity
[20:47]  Honoria Raymaker: holds floating mist above our
[20:47]  Honoria Raymaker: circling night walk
[20:47]  Honoria Raymaker: ***

[20:48]  Dalloway Palianta: laughs
[20:48]  Pomona Writer: it's a nice haiku!
[20:48]  Honoria Raymaker: that's the moonbow haiku
[20:48]  DanteOsaka Deschanel: cool Honoria
[20:48]  Sunnie Beaumont: cool
[20:48]  Dalloway Palianta: i do like that honoria
[20:48]  Pomona Writer: yes, a moonbow

K and I went for a walk in the cool misty night and saw quite a colorful ring around the moon that surfaced in my memory during the haiku discussion on SL.  So during the lag I posted this to pick up the pace of the quiet evening.
glowing gravity
holds floating mist above our
circling night walk
Tags: haiku, second life

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